Semen Retention Mastery

Master Your Ejaculation and Master Your Life!

Do you ever feel embarrassed about how quickly you ejaculate?


Would you like to have complete control over your semen retention and choose exactly when and IF you want to ejaculate?

If so, you are not alone!

Most men last 2-7 minutes during sexual intercourse, and yet, it can take 20—45 minutes before a woman’s internal erectile tissue is fully engorged, and her body is ready to have vaginal orgasms (the Holy Grail of sex!)  

Most men don’t realize that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate functions of the nervous system, and with tantric semen retention methods, men can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, last as long as they want, and become multi-orgasmic.

This program holds the keys to:

You don’t have to be a slave to ejaculation! Learn tantric semen retention and get the skills you need for total control and total confidence every time!

“This program is one of those life-changing and ah-ha moments you must experience. It is incredible what Devi and her team bring in the area of our sexual and spiritual life. Like they say when you know better you do better. Well in the 4-week webinar, the techniques and methods taught here are profound and foundational to get going in the right direction. I, myself, have experienced at least two more male orgasms and they continue to become more sensational. I learned how to last longer from the methods and am continuing to get better results. My erections are stronger and last longer. I have more energy even after orgasms. The program has helped me work toward my goals,  increase sexual capacity, and response. So glad I gave myself the chance to learn this stuff. Thank you!”

– A.M. Georgia, USA

ONLY $199

What is possible with Semen Retention?

Think about the last time you had sex with a woman… 

How confident were you in your ability to please her? 

Were you able to last as long as you wanted to? 

Were you able to last long enough for her to have an orgasm? Are you sure about that? 

Imagine having so much control over your ejaculation that you could last as long as you wanted every single time. 

Imagine having so much mastery over your sexual response that you could have multiple full body orgasms, without spilling a drop. 

Imagine having rock hard, powerful erections, and feeling energized and enriched after sex, as opposed to depleted. 

This is all possible! You just need the right tools to take you there! 

The art of semen retention as a vitality practice has gained more and more attention through the NoFap movement. 

Unfortunately, most people think semen retention means abstinence 

Not in Tantra! 

Semen Retention is the art of separating orgasm from ejaculation in your nervous system, allowing you to have multiple, whole body orgasms which replenish you as opposed to depleting you. 

This enables you to continue receiving all of the health benefits of semen retention while continuing to enjoy the fullness of your sexual pleasure!


“Last night I used the methods during pleasure and I was so thrilled that everything worked great. No ejaculation at all and this was my first time trying this!”

– K.H.

If you are looking for the keys to:

Authentic Tantra® can give you all of this and more!

Why Conventional Therapies Don’t Work:

But None of Those Actually Heal the Issue or Provide Long Term Solutions!

 Authentic Tantra®  semen retention practices give you a 3rd choice, and that is how to cultivate a healthy, balanced and nourishing self-pleasure practice that enriches and heals you, as opposed to one which depletes and diminishes you as a man.

Authentic Tantra® is a holistic solution which provides lifetime results!

You can expect to experience results such as:

If you are tired of feeling the pain of lack of control and excessive ejaculation:

“Not ejaculating regularly does increase my feeling of well being. I also think I have more energy. I like how I feel.”

– Anonymous

Ejaculation mastery is a step-by-step guide to overcoming all these issues and more!

Here’s what you get:

This is truly a rare and precious opportunity to connect with a female Tantric Master and gain from her years of experience working with men, women, and couples all over the world!

The time tested methods that Devi will share with you are practical, effective, and have been used safely by hundreds of men around the globe.

 “The session I did today was the most intense so far. I felt warm all over and my entire body was shaking uncontrollably from the sensations flowing through me. And this happened several times throughout my 30-minute session. I’ve never felt this much sensation before!”

– J.W

Here is a Breakdown of Each Class:

Class #1:

  •  What is semen retention?
  •  The negative effects of excessive ejaculation 
  •  Healing with pleasure
  •  The 4 keys for achieving ejaculation mastery
  •  Tantric Meditation for rebuilding sexual chi and removing sexual blocks

 Class #2:

  • The 4 stages of becoming multi-orgasmic
  • The #1 key for lasting longer 
  • Two Tantric methods for separating orgasm from ejaculation 
  • Sexual yoga homework practice

 Class #3:

  • The #1 key for stopping ejaculation
  •  Becoming a multiorgasmic male
  •  Male anatomy and sexual science
  • Tantric tips for keeping your prostate healthy and happy!

 Class #4:

  • Tantric practices for building and controlling your sexual charge
  •  Overcoming blueballs
  •  Using semen retention during sex
  • Tips for deepening and maintaining your practice 

Also Included In Your Program:

 “ I have experienced sensations of pleasure that I had never felt before and since almost the beginning of the exercises!”

– J. M.

But Do These Methods Actually Work?

Listen to Devi’s students Brion and Karen Craig share how Authentic Tantra semen retention methods have improved their intimate connection and every other area of their lives!
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